Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) and the highly competitive pursuit of achieving top rankings is constantly changing. The criteria of today's search engine algorithms are different from last month's criteria, and will be different from next month's criteria also. Search engine optimization can help to place your web site at the top of organic (or natural) search engine rankings to generate as much traffic to your site as possible - enhancing the visibility of your business.

The goal of optimizing a web site is to create content that search engines look favorably upon when assessing the relevancy of your site in comparison to related sites.

A Most Critical Component

Search Engine Optimization For New Websites

Search engine optimization is a critical service to employ during the construction of a new website. Solar Flare will research the most targeted words in your industry to generate a list of competitive keywords, allowing your site to be competitive at the highest level.

Your site will be optimized using our techniques of keyword placement, meta tag generation, graphic text and link structure. We may suggest subtle changes or additions to the text, content and/or architecture of your site that will not compromise the integrity of information you are intending to convey, but will make your site more search engine friendly and competitive within your industry.

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